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Life Update: “M-I-C See Ya Real Soon…”

21 Jun

A couple blog posts ago I mentioned I had gotten behind in my episode recaps due to some craziness going on in my personal life. The past month has been full of ups and downs, knowns and unknowns but last week I received some news that is bringing about one of the biggest changes in my life.

Since 2008 I have lived in Orlando, Florida and have loved it. I started off working at Sun Sports/FOX Sports Florida and after that made the switch over to Walt Disney World. For the past 3 years (minus the hiatus I took to go on The Bachelor) I have absolutely loved working for Disney. Whether I was working with an awesome team in our Sports PR department or sprinkling pixie dust all over various Disney Parks social media channels, Disney has without a doubt given me incredibly memories. I mean, can you really call it work when you are sent out to drive a NASCAR stock car, go on a shopping spree, soar over Disney, spend an afternoon bass fishing, spoil your dog at a pet resort or learn about other cultures? I didn’t think so 🙂

Moving to Florida without knowing a single soul was pretty scary but I quickly managed to make some of my best friends.

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So it’s with some tears but great excitement that I am finally able to let everyone know I will be leaving the great state of Florida and moving to Atlanta! I have been given a incredible opportunity to work for a PR agency and handle PR for some of the big movie studios. This is such an exciting and nerve wracking time of my life but I have needed a change of pace and scenery and I think Atlanta may be just the ticket!

While I’m ready to hit the road and start in a new place, there are definitely some things I will miss about Florida…

1 – my friends that I consider family and their families that willingly “adopted” me

2 – being close enough to drive to see my favorite baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays

3 – going to Disney fo’ free

4 – running over to a theme park at a moments notice on a bad day just to turn my mood around (Disney has a way of making you smile)

5 – my amazing co-workers

6 – being less than an hour away from the beach

7 – Barre 54 and their fun and friendly staff (I think Atlanta has a Pure Barre so joining there will be on my to-do list!)

8 – living in a tourist destination where all my friends and family don’t need convincing to visit

9 – being able to make someone’s day without having to do much because of my connection to Disney (it is incredible to see how a little Disney magic can totally turn someone’s life around)

10 – living in a state where all the top concerts come (I have to miss Luke Bryan and I already bought a ticket. And he already performed and isn’t returning to Atlanta. FML.)

There are so many more things I will miss but I know there are plenty of new and exciting experiences waiting for me in Atlanta. I think I’m most excited to officially return to the “real South,” as a friend of mine put it. After going to college in North Carolina, I consider myself somewhat of a southerner and now I will be a short drive away from my college friends in Charlotte, my alma mater in Chapel Hill and others sprinkled throughout the south.

After the 4th of July I will be a Georgian…Atlantan…Atlantian??? I’m not sure what I’ll be but I’ll be in Georgia! I’m excited to rendezvous with friends that live in the area, be minutes away from a ballpark (no, I will NOT abandon my Rays but since the Braves are in the NL AND they spring train at Disney, I kind of already have a little liking towards them) and start a new journey! Until then, I will be making my way through all my favorite Florida places and enjoying them while I can. If anyone has Rays tickets just sittin’ around, waiting to be used feel free to let me know 😉 I gotta see my boys before I depart!

If you are from the area, lived in the area or have visited and have tips for me, please share! I’m excited to explore and find my way through a new city. And please, friends and family, come visit!! Louis and I would love the company in our new home 🙂

And to my friends, family and co-workers…see ya real soon 🙂


The Bachelor-Cutting Room Floor: Tattoo Edition

12 Apr

It’s no surprise to hear that a majority of what goes on during The Bachelor never makes it to your tv. So many little things here and there are left on the cutting room floor in order to make each season (cue Chris Harrison) the most dramatic season in Bachelor history!

But lucky for you Chris Harrison (you can’t just call him Chris, it has to be Chris Harrison) loves to blog and give y’all little behind-the-scenes tidbits that didn’t make air. One bit of info he filled you in on (which caught me by surprise in that it DIDN’T make air) was that 4 of us girls snuck out of our hotel in Vegas while Brad was on a date with Shawntel and got TATTOOS!  Continue reading


7 Apr

How many times have we asked for advice and then thrown it to the wind to do either the exact opposite or what we had wanted to do before we got the advice? I’m notorious for this and I’m sure you all are as well. I am excellent at giving advice…for some reason I know exactly what to say to my friends. Need to know what text to send to a new flame? I got your answer. Need to know what to say when you have to confront the guy who has suddenly gone rogue? Honey, get a pen, and start taking notes. But when it comes to figuring out my own life…that’s a totally different story.

Continue reading

7 Apr

An Opening Day Start…

31 Mar

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”
— Louisa May Alcott

To say a lot has happened in my life in the past year is an understatement. From getting a great job, to leaving said job to go on national television to compete for find a husband, to struggling through a daunting job search, to FINALLY landing a job that makes me happy. And all that listed above is only an overview. Don’t forget about the ups and downs with family, friends, my dog, men…i’ve been through the ringer!

But this is the day it all goes away, is left in the past, and I start from scratch. And what better day to do this than MLBs Opening Day. That’s right, I was declared the opening day starter for the game of my life vs the world. I’m looking for a shut out…a no hitter…a perfect game.

This blog will contain a lot of random topics…but they won’t be random for me. Each is a part of my life that I love. Hopefully there’s something for everyone and you can deal with the stuff you don’t like to get to the posts that you do 🙂

“I want to do something splendid…
Something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead…
I think I shall write books  blogs.”
— Louisa May Alcott

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