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Bachelor Pad 3: Fans Vs Favorites?

12 Apr

By now, everyone in Bachelor Nation knows that the upcoming season of Bachelor Pad is open for fans to submit their applications to join in on the madness. In fact, Jake has even given you some tips on how to get picked for the show…after all, the dude has had plenty of experience.

I’m not sure how I feel about having fans enter the game (shouldn’t they have to earn their spot?) and we don’t know how they will be folded into the social aspect (will they get along with former contestants?) but, here are three ways I think this season of Bachelor Pad could be the best one yet:

1- Bring on the Exes!

No, not Bachelor family exes. It’s no secret that in applying for The Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants fill out a massive packet of information about themselves. Background checks happen, medical exams are performed and every move you have made in the past decade is told to Producers. One lovely little piece of information that had me scared stupid was telling them every relationship I had been in the past three years that lasted longer than a month. Are you KIDDING ME?!

One: I can’t even remember who I had dinner with last week (okay, that’s a lie…it was with my dog. but you get my point), let alone who I “dated” three years ago. Two: in today’s messed up world of dating, what constitutes “dating” someone? What if I put someone down because I think we dated, the producers call the guy to check out my history and he’s like, “Uh, who are you asking about? Oh, yeah yeah that chick with the crazy dog. Barely remember her.” Talk about embarrassing. Three: they want me to willingly give them phone numbers of men I’ve dated yet I can’t tell anyone I’m applying for the show or warn these guys of a possible call?? Talk about an awkward situation right there.

Anyways, producers have contacts of contestants exes and probably have us on tape talking about a major break-up or relationship that screwed us up enough to choose to go on this show. Why wouldn’t producers use that information? I mean, if we are going to bring in people that have never been on Bachelor/Bach’ette, why not make it interesting? Why not invite an ex of a former contestant from the show to be on Bachelor Pad and let that drama play out? I can tell you my jaw would hit the floor if I saw a certain someone from my past walk through the door on day 1 of BP. What’s even better about this situation is that the drama that happens would be 100% real. Nothing hyped up for TV, nothing made up for the ratings and nothing contestants can avoid because chances are they will have to face this person when they go home, too. One word: EPIC.

2- Newbies Need Help

I’ll be honest. Getting picked to go on Bachelor Pad is like a dysfunctional badge of honor. The talk amongst some former contestants has been that they feel you need to earn the right to be on BP first. Knowing that some possible contestants feel like this, I can easily see the newbies getting picked off one by one until only Bach/Bach’ette contestants are left to battle for the money. The only way I see fans staying in the game is if former contestants are forced to team up with a fan for the competition. While this may keep newbies in longer, it does take away from the “finding love” factor as people are forced to partner with someone they may not have a spark with. It’ll be interesting to see how the fans vs favorites format works out but I guarantee favorites will band together.

3- Better Challenges

I think we all can agree that the contests need a little more umph behind them. Either they end up being cruel and emotionally crude (while it may be entertaining to watch, do we really want to support bullying?) or the physical challenges are something we have seen on another reality show.

One reality show contest I wouldn’t mind seeing repeated? A Wipeout course! I mean, Wipeout is an ABC show…should be relatively easy to get a mini course set up, right? Or heck, the show is filmed in California…pack up the BP contestants and take them out to the real course! (And while we are on the subject, consider this my formal ask for ABC to do a Bachelor/Bachelorette version of Wipeout with the money going to a charity of the winners choice. And please, pick me!)  I also think it would be interesting if challenges require multiple teams of two to pair up in order to win. Producers could see what alliances are forming and then force them to work with different alliances in order to win challenges, which would totally throw a wrench in things. And no more arbitrary contests, like synchronized swimming.

Maybe it’s the athlete in me, but I want to see competitions that have a clear cut winner, nothing opinion based, and a win that is without a doubt earned by the winner.

Out of all of these, I would LOVE to see non-cast ex’s of former contestants walk through the door and compete on BP. The drama would be amazing! How about you guys? Any things you want to change with this upcoming season?

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