The Bachelorette, Episode 6: Double Eliminations and Steamy Make-Outs

20 Jun

I first want to thank everyone who read last week’s post and wrote to me about their minds being changed or opening their eyes to at least the possibility that Ryan isn’t really what is being portrayed on the show, rather than slamming me for sticking up for him. I think we all get caught up in the show sometimes ( I admit, I do, too) and forget that there is a ridiculous amount of editing that goes on. We don’t always see the whole picture and it’s hard to step back and see things for what they may really be when it seems like giant red flags are flying in our face. I have learned that this show can make anyone look like anything and to not judge based on this show, which is why I haven’t been as critical as in seasons past. I always knew it happened but it really hit home this season.  I would never stand by something – or someone – that I didn’t have full confidence in. I hope that the Men Tell All gives everyone a better picture of who he is and if you ever get the chance to meet him in person I challenge you to spend 5 minutes of your time with him. I’m pretty sure any doubts you may have will be washed away 🙂

Can we start off by adding “(insert name of location) is the best place to fall in love” to the list of cheesy and overused phrases on The Bachelor/Bachelorette?  It has definitely passed “I gave up a lot to be here” and is creeping up on “I’m here for the right reasons.”

Travis gets the first one-on-one and I’m excited because we finally get to know more about him. Although getting to know someone on the show at episode 6 usually doesn’t bode well for them in the long run. Travis and Em walk the streets and explore the city. Is it just me or has this season been underwhelming when it comes to the dates? I know we all roll our eyes at the over the top antics of some dates and make fun of the ever-present helicopter but, I feel like this season has been very blah. I know the guys need to get used to having a partner that is consumed with her daughter and can’t go on elaborate trips and activities but, c’mon! Let’s see the chick get to do some fun things!

The extent of “fun things” that Travis and Emily get to do is stand on a stone that looks like some creepy face.

1- why does this stone (that you’re supposed to stand on) have eyes?, 2- what is the purpose of the mouth being wide open? and 3- is that a mustache? Somehow being able to balance on this stone and remove a piece of clothing will mean you will be lucky in love. I say it means you were just conned into looking like a fool in public but knock yourself out! For fun, go back and listen to this part of the date with your eyes closed. “Do you want me to hold you? Hold my hand for a second. Wait, put one finger here. Try comin’ at it this way. Well, c’mon we aren’t leavin’ here until at least one of us in lucky at love. Good job. Nailed it. ” OK, I’m officially immature haha 🙂

If you ask me, this date would’ve been perfect for Wolf. He probably could’ve convinced this little man in an alley to trade shoes so his party pants would’ve had a matching pair.

In the middle of the date we head over to the hotel where the guys get the group date card. Ryan gets the first, second one-on-one so of course we get some commentary from him that will make him look like a jerk. All I know is that what was said about manipulating the situation to get the girl to fall in love was completely edited. What y’all didn’t hear was that he said he would never do that to Emily. Ah, the powers of editing.

Back to Travis and Emily. FINALLY someone realizes the elephant in the room and decides to call attention to it…the food that never gets eaten! Good job,Travis. Enjoy that food! Emily and Travis are so candid with one another, look like they’re having a great date, Emily picks up the rose, compliments him….and then sends him home. It has to be a very difficult position to be in for Emily to let someone go that is an amazing person and someone she clicks with. But romance is the key and, unfortunately, Travis doesn’t hold it.

Group date time and guess what elaborate date the guys get?! A DISNEY MOVIE! I’m sorry but this is hilarious. I mean, I love Disney. I work for Disney. Obviously I love the tie in. But for a date…on the Bachelorette?! Bleh.

But wait, that’s not all. Let’s throw the guys in kilts and make them compete in physical activities for Emily’s hand. I know most women were loving the shots of the guys getting changed but all I saw and remember from this part was this:

I imagine whoever this is is feeling exactly how I would feel if producers decided to surprise me with a trip to the pool without warning and time to shave my legs. I bet he is pretty glad they never showed his face. But since the hair is pretty grown out, I’m thinkin’ this is a guy who hasn’t had a date in a while and clearly didn’t think he’d need to be impressing Emily today. I totally got the heebie jeebies seeing this. Anyone else feel the same? Clearly I like my men smooth and non-prickly.

The guys have to throw their muscle around and compete against each other in archery, wood chuckin’ and stick tug o’ war. Poor Chris. Dude couldn’t catch a break. It was like watching coyote trying to catch road runner over and over again yet blowing himself up or getting crushed by his own anvil. But apparently Emily doesn’t want a strong, muscle-y man and Chris gets the trophy for being the bravest of the day. The competitor in me is screaming shenanigans!

At the after party the guys really have nothing interesting to say. Thank God for Arie and his Christian Grey tendencies or I would’ve passed out on the couch watching this. I mean, really. Is there anything left to say about this? Guys…take notes.

Emily says she’s going to give the rose to the guy according to how he makes her feel, how she feels around them and judges this by the butterflies in her stomach. And yet Mr.Brave gets the rose. Not Mc Steamy, not the strong dude that impressed her. The guy who couldn’t shoot a stinkin’ bow and arrow walks away the winner. W…..T…..F.

Final one-on-one kicks off and Ryan and Emily go driving through the city, oystering and to a dinner that will probably never get eaten. Throughout the date we see their playful nature with each other. I think that since Emily always seems to joke back with Ryan, Ryan doesn’t see his comments as negatively effecting her. If she really didn’t like certain things he said I think she could’ve made it more clear that it was bothering her. Joking back and being playful may have been sending mixed messages. During dinner we get to the core of what pushes Emily away from Ryan. She thinks she would have to be too perfect around him and she isn’t sure if that’s because of her own insecurities. See, ladies. Even gorgeous women like Emily have insecurities. I have known one too many relationships that end up crashing and burning because of insecurities. I’m not thinking that was the case here, though. It may have been the straw that broke the camels back but I think these two are just on totally different pages. Major props go to Ryan, though, for finishing off the wine before his walk of shame. Priorities, people.

In Ryan’s exit we see him talk about wanting to be portrayed in the correct light and for who he truly is. If he was the arrogant and cocky person so many believe him to be, I don’t think he would’ve said that. I don’t think he would’ve been bothered by his edit at that point. I also don’t think he would’ve taken the time to understand Emily’s point of view and reasoning for letting him go. I think if he was self-centered he would’ve just walked off and let that be that. Maybe flipped a table in the process.

After the date Arie gets some preferential treatment and goes to visit Emily to see how she is. Hate to break it to ya but I think seeing her and Arie sitting on the same bed, on top of the covers chatting is going to be this season’s version of the “hot tub make-out.” Which would you prefer, hmmmm?


The rose ceremony is a big pile of get excited for nothing. We are led to think that Emily is hesitant about keeping a couple of guys but in reality she just wanted to keep them all. Her heart is so big and she doesn’t want to let any of them go. How sweet. When are we going to see fireworks?! The only passion so far has been in an alley in Croatia. In a couple of weeks we meet families! Why am I not over the moon about any of these relationships?!

Anyone else not feeling the passion and excitement yet?


7 Responses to “The Bachelorette, Episode 6: Double Eliminations and Steamy Make-Outs”

  1. Gina R June 20, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    That is obviously Arie’s chest. He is the palest of the guys there and the least muscle bound!

    • msmarissamay June 21, 2012 at 9:53 am #

      Ha! Great observation! Still gives me the chills 🙂

  2. Danielle June 21, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    Holy WHO is that in that last picture? lol

    • Beth June 22, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

      Hm, interesting points of view. I agree with your assessment of Ryan, 100%. He’s done an interview in his hometown where he pretty much says they asked him tons of questions about his faith, then used a lot of the answers here and there in the wrong setting to paint a bad-boy image.
      Don’t agree with the chest thing! I love a hairy chest! I think it’s extremely manly and am weirded out by guys who are self-conscious enough to shave it. (or pluck their finger hairs for that matter). A guy should never take longer to get ready than I do! (note: back hair is an extremely different thing! That needs to be taken care of–stat!). To each his own I guess!
      I am loving Emily’s quest for love and that she’s not jumping in a million hot tubs. Her season seems more real to me, and less about a bunch of horny singles lusting after each other. It makes me feel she might just be one of hte ones that makes it! Time will tell…

      • msmarissamay June 22, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

        thanks for reading and being open to Ryan not being the bad-boy the show has painted him as! to each his own when it comes to body hair 😉 haha And yes, it is nice to see a different type of season with Emily. I hope she finds the one, too!!

    • msmarissamay June 22, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

      hahaha that would be Jillian and Jason 🙂

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