The Bachelor, Episode 8: What exactly is like slash love?

22 Feb

As many of you noticed I didn’t get around to writing a blog recap for last week. I’m sorry about that but sometimes life gets in the way and ya just need a break from the crazy world of the Bachelor. But I’m back this week and ready to dissect every inch of this epi! Let’s get started…

Hometown dates. I love this episode because we get to see a side of the girls that maybe we haven’t yet, as well as get a look at where they come from. When I left for the show my brother had a full on plan of what he was going to do if I got a hometown date in hopes of winning America over and getting his own spinoff.  Sorry, Garrett…it wasn’t in the cards.

Lindzi starts off the week with Ben in Florida. This girl is so dang cute. I love how she always refers to him as “my boyfriend Ben.” 🙂 Her and Ben have developed a slow relationship and we get to hear her tell a little more about her relationship history. While Ben loves that she opened up he feels the need to question whether or not she’s ready to get serious again. Uhhhh…Ben. Less than three months before you walked into a room full of 25 eligible women you were down on your knee proposing. Why is it hard to believe that a year after a breakup Lindzi is ready to accept love?

I love Lindzi and Ben’s playful nature as they race around with her parents. You know what I also love? The awkward comments we get from parents during these hometowns:

“This is your opportunity to lay it on me.”

“Hit a ball, you ruin the course.”

It doesn’t stop there…just wait. I have more…

Ben and Lindzi end their night and go their separate ways. Am I crazy in that we aren’t really seeing a big love connection with Ben and any of the women? Maybe he’s not a touchy-feely kind of guy, maybe he’s just holding it all in, maybe editing has removed it. I find myself each week hoping for something to click and I just haven’t seen it. Doesn’t Ben know we only have two more weeks left?!

After Ben practices for his upcoming role in Gladiator, he jaunts off to the land where women are locked in their family homes until the age of 30, the state where parents don’t believe in babysitters and think their children should be glued to their side at all times, the place where living with someone before marriage is unthinkable. Hello Tennessee, Kacie’s home.

Kacie has been one of my frontrunners but has slowly dropped as her age has started to show. I think she has been caught off guard when it comes to the seriousness of where she is at and it shows in her actions and interviews. Annnnd in her outfits…

Can we get you to relax a bit and loosen that top button? I know you are visiting your parents but it’s ok if they see your collar bone.

Another takeaway…either Kacie drew the short straw when it came to the good hair genes or she has completely given up.

Her sister is proof though that good hair can be had in Tennessee, though, so no excuses Kacie!

And while we are on the topic of hair, what the HECK happened here:

Soooo…in between interviews Ben got a Brazilian Blowout??

Every season one girl ends up with parents that totally drop a Hiroshima sized attack on the relationship and this year the ones dropping the nukes are Kacie’s parents.

HIROSHIMA: Kacie: “If this continues I would want to move to San Francisco.” Dad: “When we’re talking about moving we’re talking about getting our own place and not moving in with him, correct?”

NAGASAKI: Kacie: “I would say yes if he asked me to marry him.” Dad: “mmmkay if he was to ask me if he could marry you I would probably say at this point no.”

This is the face of a girl lying to her overprotective dad when he asks if she will be living on her own before marriage.

Whelp, you can pretty much nail Kacie’s coffin closed. I hate to say it but parents really play a role in how everything goes from this point on. Ben could sense the tension before he even walked into the house. Sorry Kacie, even America knew you didn’t have a chance after that meeting. Don’t mean to sound harsh because Kacie is reallllllly one of my favorites but this epi sealed the deal on her going home.

Moving on…Nicki and the great state of Texas. I don’t know what it is but all of a sudden I REALLY like Nicki. She came out of nowhere and has really surprised me. Her genuine nature, positive outlook and experience are starting to separate her from the rest of the girls.

Nicki and Ben decide to get all gussied up in true Texas fashion and lucky for them Orville Redenbacher’s cousin hails from the great state of Texas AND owns a clothing store.

Not only do these two look freakin’ AWESOMEly ridiculous but I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a bar where they slide your drinks to you.

Coolest. Date. Ever. Nicki, I hope you have a spare bedroom or pullout couch because I am comin’ for a visit JUST so we can go to this bar.

There are obvious concerns that Nicki’s family has due to her rough go with her first attempt at marriage but Nicki’s dad is the example of how one frames their concerns yet still lets their daughter make her own decisions. Take notes, Mr. Kacie. BTW…pretty sure Kacie’s and Nicki’s dads were separated at birth.

Nicki and Ben finish a great date and Ben even admits that at times he looks at her and says he loves her. This is a huge statement to make especially when the fangs of Courtney are still latched in him but I like where this is headed!

Last but certainly not least, Courtney comes along and makes my state look like an insane asylum. After all this smack talk she starts back pedaling.

“I feel badly. I feel disappointed in myself for treating the girls the way I have.” Yeahhh…don’t even bother Courtney. Every time you try to redeem yourself, someone kicks a puppy. It’s easy to list your regrets now that you are separated from the other women and only see them at cocktail ceremonies. I strongly believe what matters most is who you are when no one is watching or, in this case, who you are when Ben isn’t watching. And in her case, it ain’t good.

Is this tablecloth purposely like this? And why are there bright springy colors being used at the end of October? Sorry…random thoughts. 

And what is this, twins week on the Bachelor? Ben’s sister Julia looks eerily similar to Courtney’s sister.

Back to the crazy things parents say:

“Marriage is life’s greatest gamble with only 50% chance of winning.” I think that statement right there says a lot about the way Courtney looks at this relationship…and I don’t think that’s for the good of the cause.

“And I want some grandkids!” ” That can be arranged.” And as a matter of fact we have already begun working on this. Just wait til January when the season airs…there will be a permanent reminder of how your first grandchild came into the world!

Courtney decides to totally rip of William and Ashley’s date from last season and set up a fake wedding except this time around Courtney and Ben write vows. This would be sweet except for the fact that Courtney totally jacks lines from Sex and the City. Ok, I can’t totally hate on her for doing this…I vaguely remember writing the lines of “One Sweet Day” in a paper football folded note that I passed to my 4th grade crush in math class. I wonder if Courtney played M.A.S.H. in her vow notebook, too, to figure out where her and Ben would be living…mansion, apartment, shack or house?!

And one more catch…did Courtney have her vows pre-written? Did she have a producer write them for her? As you can see she clearly has a smaller piece of paper on top of this Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper that she was supposed to have written her vows in. Shady business.

Outside of the fake apologies and hijacked vows, there are hints of cuteness and special bonding moments with Ben and Courtney. I find myself slamming my head into my computer every time I catch myself smiling. The thing is, as much as I or we or America may hate a side of Courtney, Ben hasn’t seen it and the way she is with Ben isn’t terribly horrible. But as the girls have said before, you can only hide your true colors for so long. Eventually Ben will catch on and if he is okay with it, more power to him. I just hope he’s okay with only having Courtney, her sister, his sister and mom as the only women in his life because I’m pretty sure Courtney is going to nix any other females coming within a 50 mile radius of his luscious locks.

All the women gather back together and it’s rose ceremony time. Not a shocker…Kacie heads home. But not before the crazy Courtney returns and has the most awkward reaction EVER when the women say their goodbyes.

Yup, knew your “regret” wouldn’t last long.

Even though I had a good idea that Kacie was going home it was so hard to see her exit. She really is a sweetheart and the right guy will end up coming her way. I can’t help that I burst out laughing over her potty mouth though…I’m sure daddy dearest wasn’t too happy!

Until next week!


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